All Mine: The Complete Series Box Set

- You were sassy with a little sweetness. You were pure and a little dirty in the same breath. Now i have to have you back in my life and in my arms. Forever mine: marcus & Angela“She was a girl from my past. As always, lots of love and romance and a very satisfying HEA! I needed to learn more. You were both shy and bold, all at the same time.

I need to know all of you. Always mine: joel & cameron“I knew once I saw you that I would make you mine. The girl of my dreams and i wasn’t going to rest until she was in my arms again”Be Mine: Lucas & Fran“I ran a gang, dealt with life and death every day. She was harder than that. It was going to take a lifetime to know you, to really know you.

All Mine: The Complete Series Box Set - You're mine: david & carol“From the first look, I knew that I wanted you. All mine series is here, all in one complete set!Only Mine: Carlos & Eve“From the instant we met, I could see your innocence. She was the one that made my heartbeat slam in my chest and wonder what if there was more. All mine is the complete series box set.

Be My Forever: The Complete Series Box Set Romance

- As always, lots of love and romance and a very satisfying HEA! Stacy got to me. Be my daddy"i wanted to give her the full service treatment. Meri was a client that I wanted to break all the rules with. Be my forever series is here, all in one complete set!Be My First"My New Employee makes it hard…very hard to ignore.

Claire makes me want to throw all the rules away. Be my bride"i had a decision to make, that would change everything. Could i say ‘i’ do for business?I had one rule in life, don’t fall in love. One night with meri changed everything"Be My Forever is the complete series romance box set. Now i have fallen for my wife.

Be My Forever: The Complete Series Box Set Romance - Be my princess"i needed an assistant like that; hot tempting and willing to please. Her innocence was intoxicating and I had to have more. I was going to be her first and her last. I lived by rules and rule number one was don’t let women get to me. I met her at a wild time, in a wild place.

First Love: The Complete Series Box Set

- First love series is here, all in one complete set!First Touch“Five years ago, Carl broke my heartHe ignored my desire for him and pushed me aside. Carl was always, never ending, in the back of my mind. I won’t let him do the same mistake twice. First taste“stan was my white knight in shining armor and I wanted to pay him back in kind.

He was just as handsome as before, but this time he was looking at me with need in his eyes. All i needed was to feel his arms around me, his lips on mine…”First Lust“Why did my brother’s best friend have to be so damn sexy?Teddy was back, and lightning strikes the same place twice. I didn’t want to say no to him anymore.

First Love: The Complete Series Box Set - First time“i touched her in the most intimate ways, on her parent’s couch. David wasn’t supposed to fall for his best friend’s little sister. As always, lots of love and romance and a very satisfying HEA! But he couldn’t help it. First love is the complete series box set.

Mountain Man's Fever: The Complete Series Box Set

- Mountain man's fever series is here, all in one complete set!Mountain Man's Beauty"I had found her by chance, but needed her for keeps. I didn't know what I was missing before I found Ayla. She was a stranger that made my heart race and my body hot. All i had to do was get my lips on hers and give her the temptation.

Mountain man's proposal"Her smile was innocent, but her body was so damn hot. She got a job and I got a new outlook on life. She brought out the side of me that I didn’t even know was alive. With her, i started to think about the future. Mountain man's Bride"He was back and everything was changing. He wanted something from me, more than I first thought.

Mountain Man's Fever: The Complete Series Box Set - It was hard to think when he was near and now Chris was too close. His lips were so demanding and I yearned for the power that he possessed over my body. Mountain man's secret baby"just like the tall peaks of Alaska…Ethan is untamed and rough around the edges. No one knows why he’s here in Nome, But something draws me to his stormy eyes…And I lose control of everything.

Mountain man's Fever is a complete series box set. As always, lots of love and romance and a very satisfying HEA!

One Last Chance: The Complete Series Box Set

- It just couldn’t be. With all that in mind, why was I so damn worried about it?”One Last Chance is the complete series box set. One last chance series is here, all in one complete set!One Last Kiss“Mack, my first love ever, was a sexual mastermind. He could do so many things to my body that I didn’t know were possible.

I thought it would never end, this magical time, but it did. Our love couldn’t withstand reality. Now he’s back and his charm is being used on me. He’s trying to pull me back in. One last touch“one wild night in college, was the best lover I’d ever had. Cal made me scream till I was hoarse and begging for more at the same time.

One Last Chance: The Complete Series Box Set - Then it was over, and I never saw him again. He was always the man in the back of my mind. As always, lots of love and romance and a very satisfying HEA! Cal was the measuring stick to the next one. One last time“matt, my first true love, was more than just a boyfriend. He was skilled in pleasure and he’d played my body like a fiddle.

It was perfect, and I was sure for a time that it would never end.

Built for Pleasure: A Contemporary Romance Box Set

- Happy reading! Sarah J. And i’m taking back my life. Those who try to stand in my way can go to hell. Not from me. He's her past. I protect what's mine. She can run, but she can't hide. But second chances don't come around often. No cliffhanger, no cheating, plenty of steam and a guaranteed HEA! Contains a preview of "My Favorite Mistake".

Don't miss this collection of top 100 novels + One Brand New Exclusive!All six standalone full-length novels feature protective alpha males that fight for the women of their dreams. Now she's pregnant, and I won't let her go. Can i stop julia from running from our past, and get her to run towards our future?One Night StandI was minding my own business when my new neighbor Nina walked in.

Built for Pleasure: A Contemporary Romance Box Set - Holy damn sh*t. I'm her future. But at night beneath the quilts, our desires begin to merge… Can we have a future together?***"Built for Pleasure" is a collection of 6 steamy standalone romance novels. Brooks, usa today Bestselling Author***. There can be only one winner. Four reasons to comewhy pick one guy if there are four reasons to come?A woman has needs and if one man is not enough to meet them, I’ll have to look for someone who can.

But some secrets aren’t meant to be told.

Deceit and Desire: Complete Series Box Set

Belmonte Publishing, LLC - In a world of lust, the marks family attempts to take down their immoral father, lies, sex and deceit, Roma mafia boss, Gabriel Marks. Through six interconnected books, they search for love, happiness…and a TRUE family. Don’t miss the complete box set of Deceit and Desire, a HOT Mafia romance saga by bestselling romance author, Cassie Wild.

The Hot Bad Boys Box Set: A Bad Boy Romance Collection

- I wanted my muscled horse Trainer. Being with him was always a no go. I still want him again. I need the only man that can make me scream. Escape into the world of these hot bad boys and let them entertain you all night long. My best friend's little sister"My brother's best friend was sexy as hell and now I was finally getting noticed.

I was back in town after finishing up my degree and I ran into my brother's best friend Rex. Rex was the man that i had dreamed about when I was a teen and he had never given me the time of day. Now he was seeing me and once I had his attention, I wasn't going to let it go. Four standalone full-length novels for readers who love alpha males big and bad.

The Hot Bad Boys Box Set: A Bad Boy Romance Collection - There had always been something about Rex, but now I knew what it was. Watching him in action was all it took to make me realize what it was I really wanted. I wanted to be the girl that made him beg for more. I wanted to be his girl. Rodeo rancher"My darkest desire. Really bad. One night with him was all it took.

I was hocked and I needed more.

Bearded Brothers: Mountain Brothers Series Box Set

- Five sexy mountain men and the lucky ladies who capture their hearts. Transport yourself into the charming and magical town of Blue River, Colorado as we follow the rugged, rowdy and hot Hunter brothers in their quests to find lasting love on the mountains. Book one: her mountain daddyi need to run my family resort alongside my rowdy brothers, Not fall hard for my kids' home school teacher.

But when angela's past follows her into my home, I'm forced to fight for my family's safety and the best thing that's happened to me in a long time. Book two: beauty and the BeardSomeone dangerous is after her. She needs my protection. Like i need to feel the touch of her lips. They'll have to go through me to get anywhere near this beauty who has captured my heart.

Bearded Brothers: Mountain Brothers Series Box Set - Book three: built and bearded The wedding planner is gorgeous enough to outshine ANY bride. And uptight enough to challenge this playboy. It's clear i'm not the happily ever after type. But when oakley's life is in danger, I realize how much I'm willing to do for the right girl. Book four: the gentlemanplanning a lavish mountain top wedding with my best friend?Who could ask for a more challenging and exciting job?But when the groom's brother walks in.

The Debt: The Complete Series Box Set

Favor Ford Publishing - For him to take an interest in someone like Raven is beyond unthinkable. And now she has a problem… before the party, Raven Hartley was a waitress, struggling to make ends meet, still running away from the darkness of her past and the betrayal that haunts her. Because of him… gorgeous pop idol Jake Novak is smoking hot and blazingly confident.

The complete series of the debt in one box set, by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kelly Favor. One innocent mistake… a night out at an exclusive party at a millionaire’s mansion, and now twenty-two-year-old Raven Hartley is in big trouble. After the party, she’s presented with a choice… Become Jake Novak’s personal escort or have her life destroyed.

The Debt: The Complete Series Box Set - This box set contains:the debt 1the debt 2the debt 3the debt 4the debt 5the debt 6the debt 7the debt 8the debt 9the debt 10the debt 11the dEBT 12THE DEBT 13.

This Billionaire Box Set

- For a limited time get the complete this billionaire Series Box Set that includes these 3 full length romance novels:Billionaire Cowboy Billionaire BullyDot Com BillionairePlus, they all have a HEA.