Cocky Rockstar: Gabriel Cocker Cocker Brothers Book 10

- How in the world can you have this many books about one family, and each book is better than the last? All I'll say is that this is the best series I have ever read!" - CRUZGIRLGABRIEL:I said okay to this contest to make my publicist happy. It's one lucky fan and me plus dinner. I'm expecting a fangirl freak-out, happens all the time.

But then there she is, Paige Miller. Biting her lip like she wants to run. A wounded bird in nude heels and a purple dress. Problem is, my cousin Ben saw this beauty first. Never had a woman come between us. May the best man win. What readers are saying about Cocky Rockstar. These have been some of the best books I have ever read.

Cocky Rockstar: Gabriel Cocker Cocker Brothers Book 10 - Love, family, and laughter abound in this series and they just keep getting better. Victoria mcclure* "sweet paige has enough of her own problems without having two gorgeous Cocker men fighting over her. Violinvixen* "best series out there love love love the Cocker Brothers series. Diane* "this may be the best book yet! I will say this one was a bit suspenseful, and left me on the edge of my seat.

Cocky Genius: Ethan Cocker Cocker Brothers Book 9

- I offended her. See, i thought charlie Reed, CEO of Wyntech, would be a man. So she doesn't like me much. I'm going to do everything in my power to change that. What readers are saying about Ethan Cocker's Cocky Genius: * "Shades of Moonlighting. I've been hired to save Wyntech Industries from a hacker. I don't need the money.

Unless it's to throw from my private jet as confetti. I'm doing this job for the fun of it. Until i lock eyes with a redheaded princess. This woman treats me like a pauper. She thinks she's my boss. Does she not understand the word, "freelance?" I get it. And seeing how well Ms Hopkins brought this book together in the same way has me captivated.

Cocky Genius: Ethan Cocker Cocker Brothers Book 9 - Tuakana toka * "once i start into one of her cocker Family books, I block out the rest of the world and I'm suddenly back in Atlanta with the close-knit and somewhat crazy Cocker clan. Violin vixen book Blog* "This series has caused chaos in my life. I've only ever seen interaction between viewer and viewee one other time: Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd.

I don't want to work, I don't want to do anything but read what happens next. Barbara * "out of all the cocker family books i've read so far, Ethan was the absolute most fun!" - Chrissy * "The sexy time between the sheets is oh so good and the parts that made me cry were just as good.

Cocky Love: Emma Cocker Cocker Brothers Book 11

- You will definitely not regret reading any of the Cocker books!" - MelonyCulpepper. I can't wait till the next book is out, you are one of my favorite authors. Thank you again for being You and bring such love and fun in to our lives. Twinkle * "every book in this series is off the charts! Emma's love story brought me to tears.

If you haven't read any of these books, you don't know what you're missing!!" - Cruzgirl* "Another outstanding book. The cocky series is the best roller coaster reading experience available on Amazon. Usmcwife1978my condescending boss threw me an arrogant billionaire client. By landing him, I can finally earn her respect.

Cocky Love: Emma Cocker Cocker Brothers Book 11 - Maybe get out of debt!But God help me, Tanner Hamilton is the biggest jerk. Flat out calling me incapable?A waste of his time?Too young to be taken seriously?We Cockers love a challenge. That's right, buddy. Bring. It. On. What readers are saying about emma cocker's Cocky Love Dual POV Audiobook Available : * "I'll just say this.

Cocky Senator's Daughter: Hannah Cocker Cocker Brothers Book 8

- All of them. CruzGirl. It was really beautiful to see the family come full circle. Violin vixen * "one of the best books in the Cocky Series. Calfborn* "a book series tends to get predictable as you see the characters develop and you can see where the story is going. Not so with faleena Hopkins, she just keeps raising the bar.

There aren't enough stars. If anyone is reading this review who hasn't read the prior books, please read them. Every man i've dated has either bored me or hurt me. We, the descendants of six notorious brothers, are a close-knit group. We have to protect each other. Sometimes snakes wear masks. So when my rebel cousin, offers me a ride on the back of her triumph, sofia Sol, For an adventure I desperately need,  That's a big f-ing YES!Welcome to the Next Generation, many of whom are introduced in this love story before getting exciting novels all their own.

Cocky Senator's Daughter: Hannah Cocker Cocker Brothers Book 8 - What readers are saying about hannah cocker's full-length novel dual POV audiobook available : * "I thought the Cocker Brothers series was the best series I've ever read but I am delighted to find the stories of the children of those Cocker brothers are going to be equally excellent. Mama b* "loved it so much, i read it twice!" - Marsha* "I absolutely loved this book.

Cocky Quarterback: Eric Cocker Cocker Brothers Book 12

- I stayed up way too late and got up WAY too early! I love this series and this family. Jang* ". A fun, entertaining read. Once you read one, you will be hooked on this family and feel like you are a part of the family. I have to tell you it is an amazing feeling. Kari Q. This is my first cocker brother's book, won't be my last.

Jean joseph* ". Her books always leave you feeling really great in the end. Make appearances in one another's stories. Doesn't see her worth. No woman should live on crumbs. What readers are saying about Eric Cocker's Cocky Quarterback:". So well done you feel like family by the time you get to the end of the book.

Cocky Quarterback: Eric Cocker Cocker Brothers Book 12 - Mari069"it had me laughing out loud and sniffling into my pajama top. I have yet to find anything wrong with any of her books. Amazon Customer* ".

Cocky Rebel : Sofia Sol Cocker Cocker Brothers Book 13

- Which is great reading. Kindle customer* "this series is one of the best that I put up on a pedestal! I highly recommend! You won't be disappointed. Lori* "every time i finish a book of this series I say to myself that it can't get better and each time she proves me wrong. Silvia perez rocha* "This series of books is simply fantastic.

I can't imagine how you manage to come up with some of this stuff but please keep it coming. Salrobs. I just never get to guess the plot. It was amazing to see the emotional maturity and vulnerability that came to be as she explored her feelings for. Sparkly unicorn reviewsofia sol cockER Jett's only child:From my earliest memories he's been in my life.

Cocky Rebel : Sofia Sol Cocker Cocker Brothers Book 13 - We aren't blood-related. We train together every day. Get sweaty, Eye droplets that slide down. His hard muscles, my ripe curves. For years!Enter temptation.

Cocky By Association: Sean and Celia Cocker Brothers Book 14

- I'm not a fan of mc books in general, but holy moly I can't wait for more Ciphers books. Cindy* "i absolutely loved sean's honesty, loyalty, and protectiveness; Sean is twice the hero and Celia is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Midniteink* "i didn't want to stop reading and didn't want it to end.

He needed a purpose. They gave him a chance. But then he met her. And risked it all. When i was a boy I was a victim of abuse. A punching bag for a guy who was bigger than me. Now i'm six-two. I can, i will, I need to defend victims. I've been given the opportunity of a lifetime. To join a group of vigilantes like me. Can i pass their tests?can they trust me?what readers are saying about Sean & Celia in Cocky By Association:* "So after laughing then crying for a good 10 minutes.

Cocky By Association: Sean and Celia Cocker Brothers Book 14 - I have to say this is the best one of all the cocker books" - SparklyUnicorn * "Loved loved loved it!! Can't wait for the bonus scenes!!" - Jenna Sevilla* "Another fantastic, amazing book. I was captivated from start to finish. Bryant.

Cocky Director: Max Cocker Cocker Brothers Book 15

- Cocky love: emma Cocker Jake's12. Cocky cowboy - JAXSON4. The more i read the more I want a family like this. Brenda hale clark"and if you ask yourself what is so special and why you will want to read this book and all the others in the series, you have to know that you will be amazed of the love, strength, faith and happiness this beautiful family has to offer.

Rita diana reviewmax cocker Jason's son: I want to make a feature film. Written chronologically. Cocky by association: Sean & Celia Cipher House15. Gotta love the Cocker men. Meluvbooks2* "the dads were awesome, and the kids are right there with them. It's about my dad, what he went through. If you are a cocker fan you don’t want to miss this one.

Cocky Director: Max Cocker Cocker Brothers Book 15 - Obar4707* "i forgot how much i love the cocker family!!! the loyalty, the respect and love they have for each other and the support when a new member came in to their circle!! I just love it!" - Roxy Review* "Drama, love, family loyalty and hot scenes. Beware spoilers in the reviews! All standalone romance novels.

But you can begin anywhere. Your favorite characters appear again and again. If family loyalty, good people, naughty steam, dirty talk, and laugh-out-loud humor aren't your thing then this series isn't for you.

A Honey Badger Christmas Cocker Brothers Book 7

Hop Hop Publications - The plan was to ride onward to san Francisco but when Antonio "Honey Badger" Martinez spots a shy redhead in Victorian costume, those plans change. Contemporary romance all the way. I did shed a few tears. MidnightInk* "So beautiful. This novella shows that's not going down with the Cocker Brothers series. Leave it to faleena to create a non-traditional Christmas story.

This sexy christmas novella packs all of the emotion, sex, and loyalty you could hope for. Ps. The characters, even minor ones, become like friends. Katydid review* "Faleena has once again written a page tuner. Amazon customer * " It was a great read. Quick, sexy, exciting, steamy, and a HEA. For those of you that are curious, Honey Badgers are listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most fearless creature in the world.

A Honey Badger Christmas Cocker Brothers Book 7 - Lilybelle* "one of those gentle giants that don't really know how to act in front of a lady.

Cocky Senator: Justin Cocker Cocker Brothers Book 5

- Lust. I know a janitor's closet that locks. My eyes steel. A lady would turn down such an offer, right?Right?!Not today she wouldn't. What readers are saying about justin cocker's cocky senator: * "you are seriously missing out if you don't read this series! Be ready to become obsessed!" - Amazon Customer* "Unbelievably good writing! The books in this series just kept getting better and better.

Plp46* "these books are like oxygen. Justin’s love was the hardest one to find. Adrianne woodwardfaleena hopkins writes steamy standalone contemporary romance with many sub-genres such as romantic comedy, sports romance, holidays, military romance, mc romance, interracial romance and more. That being said, this whole series deserves my starting to review again.

Cocky Senator: Justin Cocker Cocker Brothers Book 5 - I know i am enjoying a book when I look to see how much is left and I keep saying, don't end yet, don't end yet. Lillybelle review I'm at the busy airport tapping red fingernails on wood. Tap tap tappity Tap Tap. Leaving everything I've built in Boston behind me. Hence the booze before noon on a Tuesday.

Cocky Marine: Jeremy Cocker Cocker Brothers Book 6

Hop Hop Publications - Terry s review* "I'm wiping the tears as I write. Characters that are so real you want to invite them over for Sunday dinner. Katydid review* "Could not put it down until I was finished. This story had real depth to it. Angela* "oh, how I love these Cocker brothers. His service changed him. And the family can't get close.

Then a girl almost hits him with her car, and everything changes. He wants her, but he doesn't know it. She doesn't want him. Every time i read a new story, that one becomes my favorite! I'm a bit of a sucker for wounded returning military stories and this one did not disappoint. Happy reader* "if you haven't started this series, you should.

Cocky Marine: Jeremy Cocker Cocker Brothers Book 6 - Read on your phone with the Free Kindle app anywhere anytime.  . Jeremy cocker, the youngest, is back in Atlanta. Barely. She's taken. If you can call being used, 'taken. How will he break through? It's a secret.