Fallin’ for a Beast 2: Charisma and Ethic

Leo Sullivan Presents - With all the street mess he’s dealing with, he’s adamant about finding someone he can call his own. Not letting a good thing go bad, he puts his faith in love, hoping it wouldn’t let him down for the second time. Can ethic be her peace while dealing with a storm of his own?Divorce is never a happy ending, but Gunna is fighting to see the silver lining.

With tear stained cheeks, she looks to Ethic to be that peace. The only way to rid his camp of the serpents is to chop the head off every dude moving funny, and that’s something Ethic, nor his right hand has an issue doing. They say to be a man’s peace, and he’ll give you the world, just when things start to fall into place, but what is a woman to do when she needs peace of her own? Unfortunately for Charisma, the inevitable hits.

Fallin' for a Beast 2: Charisma and Ethic - A boss’s job is never done, especially when you run the city with an iron fist. Snakes aren’t known to run in packs, but when Ethic finds out there’s more than one in his camp, things get shaky.

Fallin' For A Beast: Charisma & Ethic

Leo Sullivan Presents - Alongside his right hand man, Gunna, they rule the streets with a chrome nine. Determined not to get caught up in Ethic’s web, she finds herself feening for everything that is him. Known as the life of the party, Harmony tries her best to stay focused on getting her degree. The bag is secured when it comes to these men, but money is the route to all evil, not the solution to all problems.

Hard knock life is more than a song to Charisma & Harmony; it’s their life. Her outgoing nature attracts the attention of Gunna but also brings up past demons. Big bank takes little bank, and neither of these four individuals are interested in being bankrupt when it comes to love. With no money to pay for college, they hit the pole, willing to make it clap for an education.

Fallin' For A Beast: Charisma & Ethic - Charisma is the smart, hard-working type of female who doesn’t have time for anything that isn’t accomplishing her dream. Ethic is no stranger to the gritty streets of Carolina. Coming from broken homes, they’ve learned to dream big. Just like the ll cool j song, Charisma needs love, and it comes in the form of a beast.

Falling for a beast isn’t easy, but it can be magical.

Fallin' for A Beast 3: Charisma and Ethic

Leo Sullivan Presents - When tragedy hits, charisma steps in to care for her little brother with the help of Ethic. Harmony is definitely a work in progress, but she is determined to beat the battles she’s faced with on an everyday basis. With graduation coming up and Ethic in her corner, everything seems perfect. Gunna has been by her side and doesn’t plan to go anywhere.

In this finale, can these couples overcome the disadvantages that life constantly throws at them or will they succumb to it all? Ethic and gunna believe just that until they are hit with the inevitable. Charisma is in a better head space than she has ever been. Enemies are still lurking, waiting to snatch everything that they have worked so hard for.

Fallin' for A Beast 3: Charisma and Ethic - They say that there is a calm before every storm.

A Boss Gave Me the Best Love 2

Leo Sullivan Presents - Afraid to fall in love, he continues to revert to his doggish ways until it lands him in a position he never saw coming. Everyone has one thing in common—they’re searching for love, even if they believe otherwise. With savior shot and his life hanging in the balance, or will mink sneak in and steal her heart?Mink isn’t the relationship type, will Karti realize that she has more feelings for him than she thought, and he’s sure to let every woman that he encounters know it.

However, he quickly realizes that once feelings become involved, Oma, when he takes a chance on one of his regulars, they’re hard to control. Unfortunately, while on his warpath, he’s hit with an unexpected distraction that could hinder the process and do more harm than good. Will he allow it to ruin his blossoming love with sova, or will he see through the smoke and mirrors?Kartier is torn between two men; one who is unlike any man she’s dealt with, and another who she has no business dealing with but can’t seem to help herself.

A Boss Gave Me the Best Love 2 - When sova and diva are taken, Supreme must act fast to save two of the three most important women in his life. However, and disloyalty are thrown into the mix, once lies, deceit, they may cheat themselves out of the best love they could ever have.

A Real Boss Snatched My Heart

Leo Sullivan Presents - His focus is on his business and exposing the snakes around him who only want to see him fail. For years, she put her all into her man, but his disrespect and disregard for her true worth has left her hurt and emotionally scarred. But when he meets leah, he’s immediately drawn to her fearless demeanor and beautiful spirit.

. But her world is turned upside down when she meets Amell Moss. Amell is powerful and intimidating, feared by most people who cross his path. Determined never to be made a fool again, she is desperate to find a job and stand on her own two feet. Leah starr is heartbroken yet furious after she is betrayed by her long-term boyfriend, Tyrese, in the worst possible way.

A Real Boss Snatched My Heart - And leah can’t deny the intense magnetism she feels for Amell. Will they find the love that they’ve both been missing in each other? Or will those around them end their chance at love before it can even begin? Find out in this hood love story bursting with lies, and most of all, secrets, betrayal, the pursuit of real love.

All his time is spent running a national chain of clubs that he uses as a front for a multi-million-dollar drug business, so love is the last thing on his mind.

A Miami Thug Chose Me: An Urban Standalone

Twyla T. Presents, LLC - After what rachel thought was a great day, an unexpected surprise when she returned home from work turned her life completely upside down. Rachel is taken on the ride of her life when she quickly realizes that he isn’t the man he claims to be. Rachel is forced to decide what is more important for her own heart: fixing the broken relationship with her husband of seven years or putting her trust into a man that may have his own ulterior motives? Trust is broken, secrets are revealed, but will love win? Zarkia takes you on an unforgettable journey in her new African American Urban Fiction Standalone and it’s available for your reading pleasure right now.

Why do we love love, when Love seems to hate us. For the past seven years, twenty-six -year-old Rachel Hawthorne was living on cloud nine with her husband, Trenton Hawthorne. Just as rachel slowly started to rebuild her life and regain her independence, an unexpected love interest pries his way into her life.

A Miami Thug Chose Me: An Urban Standalone - Trenton quickly realizes he’s made a terrible mistake by letting Rachel go, and she finds herself in the middle of chaos.

Falling For You: A Kensington & Benson Love Affair

Royalty Publishing House - Lovely, kinsley, and harper Benson are three sisters who have overcome adversity by leaning on each other in their darkest times. They are proof that living your dreams is the only way of life. Now, as working adults in the world, each sister embarks on a journey of living out their dreams while trying to make each other proud.

The lines are blurred between doing what they think is right and what they know will make them happy. A chance encounter with the alluring Benson sisters brings another life-worthy theme into their world, love. Jarvis, lamar, and Khalil Kensington are three brothers living for themselves. What happens when these six individuals embark on beautiful love affairs together? 
Note: This book will include three novelettes compiled into one book.

Falling For You: A Kensington & Benson Love Affair - Everything they do is for the betterment of their lives. When they encounter three brothers who are freely living out their dreams, things begin to shift in their worlds. Each story is connected and will be brought together by the end. 

A Real Boss Snatched My Heart 2

Leo Sullivan Presents - Clouded with rage, he's determined to let nothing stop him from finding the one responsible for murdering his friend. Amell is on a rampage after he gets the message loud and clear from his Columbian enemies. But with life-long friends turned into enemies and snakes in the grass all around, Amell and Leah's relationship will be tested like never before.

Through it all, leah refuses to leave his side, and their bond continues to grow. Will leah and amell's love beat the odds despite the brewing storms? Find out in part 2 of this epic love story. However, the task is harder than it seems when its obvious his enemies are always one step ahead of him. With so many people around them who are hell bent on destroying their love, does their relationship have what it takes to stay strong? Will Amell's enemies win by taking him down, or will Amell succeed in seeking his revenge.

The Purest Love For The Coldest Thug

Royalty Publishing House - Who knew someone so dangerous could be so damn irresistible?
The middle child of three girls, Solána Winters, was always one to oppose her mother’s wishes for her to be the typical good girl. However, when the attractive heavy hitter and stubborn beauty’s worlds collide, it sets off a cascade of life-changing events.

After tragedy strikes, she gets back on the right path and focuses solely on herself… until she stumbles upon a bewitching addiction like no other, with not a single cure in sight. Kisan, on the surface appears to be a collected, known to many as Mace, handsome, and prestigious young man. They know how crazy he truly is; how he can lay one finger on a trigger and aim perfectly without fail; a gentle giant to not one single soul but the only woman who has his heart—his three-year-old.

The Purest Love For The Coldest Thug - Kisan and solána are immediately drawn to each other, sparking an uncontrollable fire between them that neither party are able to put out. Those that know more, calculated, know him to be bold, and extremely cold-hearted. Loving a man like kisan could potentially be the most intense and intimidating thing of solána’s life, but is she willing to risk it all for a man she should be running far away from? And is Kisan willing to let a woman access the deepest, darkest parts of him?
They say the purest love is hard to find… but now that Kisan has found it, can he make it last? Or will his inner demons get the best of him?

And he is… among many other things. Events that not only change their lives but the lives of everyone around them. However, deep down Solána knew her stubbornness had sent her mother to an early grave.

Luvin' On A Cold Hitta 2

Leo Sullivan Presents - There is new king and queen on the scene, but someone is trying hard to take them down. However, he senses that passion is still damaged by the ordeal with Chino, and it’s making it hard for her to fully trust. Devastated by the loss of her parents, Passion tries desperately to pick up the pieces and continue her father’s work.

True is head over heels in love with Passion, and he can’t wait to make her his wife. Chino is loyal to no one, but his dirty deeds are closing in on him. In part two of luvin’ on a cold hitta, the ladies of the Dirty Diamonds and the New Freezer crew hold court. Of course, the huge secret that he is keeping from her won’t help matters…Chino is now married to Cherry, but he refuses to set aside his doggish ways for her sake.

Luvin' On A Cold Hitta 2 - He is still out to hurt passion for what he sees as her betrayal, and he sinks to lowest level ever to break her heart. True is by her side through it all, and their bond is stronger than ever.

A Boss Gave Me the Best Love

Leo Sullivan Presents - That is until unusual circumstances place the alluring Supreme into her world and leaves her wondering if love isn't so bad after all. They say when someone isn’t looking for love, that is exactly when they find it. Supreme Boss has sworn off love. After witnessing his fiancée’s death and being left alone to raise his daughter, falling in love again is the last thing on his mind.

After wasting her best years on men who couldn’t see her worth, she decides to focus on herself while enjoying the single life. However, when a total stranger risks her life to help him, he finds himself enthralled with the beauty who swooped in to save the day. Sova blow is fed up with love. Will these two broken hearts find love in each other, or will their pasts keep them from the best love they could ever have?