Imperator Galaxy’s Edge

Galaxy's Edge Press - But the assassins have no idea who they are actually dealing with… or what he has become. Warrior. Emperor. As a crumbling galactic republic falls to the relentless assault of a merciless foe, so begins the rise of an enigmatic emperor intent on saving a corrupt galaxy-spanning civilization from itself… and from something much darker that lies beyond the reaches of the known.

Just as the reins of power fall into his iron-fisted grasp, an assassination attempt by a hidden cabal within his own inner circle jeopardizes every plan he has set in motion for his Dark Legion, his Imperial Navy, and his ultimate conquest of the stars. Survivor. Imperator is a darkly heroic epic that spans the boundaries of time, space, friendship, and one man’s quest for a power that never should have been found.

Turning Point Galaxy's Edge Book 7

Galaxy's Edge, LLC - Or could just as easily eradicate the galaxy altogether. Fight to Win. With the galaxy in turmoil, the legion initiates Article Nineteen, a hard reset designed to halt the corruption and ineptitude that continues to spill forth from the Galactic Core. But when the house of reason aligns itself with the bloodthirsty zhee extremists, the Legion has no choice but to commit to a savage campaign of Total War.

Meanwhile, and exo and wraith, republic, move toward a slumbering fleet that could permanently alter the delicate balance of power among Legion, in an tenuous alliance, Captain Chhun and Victory Squad follow intelligence that could land a powerful blow against Goth Sullus and his fledgling empire, and Empire.

Message for the Dead Galaxy's Edge Book 8

Galaxy's Edge Press - Determined to liberate his crew from the clutches of a dormant fleet controlled by a hostile AI, the soldier-turned-rogue comes face to face with the galaxy’s greatest threat. Meanwhile, chhun and kill team victory find themselves taking on new roles inside the Legion, and the fight for control of the Galactic Republic hits its zenith with the arrival of the malevolent Cybar.

Survive the Future. As legion commander keller attempts to coax the Republic and Black Fleet into a winner-take-all battle at the heart of the Galactic Core, Wraith uncovers secrets from Tyrus Rechs’s past.

Requiem for Medusa Galaxy's Edge Tyrus Rechs: Contracts & Terminations Book 1

Galaxy's Edge Press - They thought this time would be no different. They were wrong. This time, the Guild sent the legendary bounty hunter Tyrus Rechs. As the infamous rechs pursues the men who murdered his colleague, he's hell-bent on justice, heedless of the trail of destruction he leaves across ruined worlds and fantastic gambling meccas alike.

It's personal. It's personal. The scum hiding deep inside the Reach out along galaxy's edge thought they could kill her and not pay the price. It's not just payback. Because for rechs, this isn't just another Guild contract. For years these hardened killers have run roughshod over the lawless worlds where Republic justice is never as fast as the blaster in your hand and where double-crosses and death are a part of every deal.

Chasing the Dragon Tyrus Rechs: Contracts & Terminations Book 2

Galaxy's Edge Press - They all want the Dragon dead. The dragon was trained from his youth to operate as a lethal killing machine. He has tangled with crime lords, dangerous insurgents, even Nether Ops… and none of these forces has been able to bring the elusive warrior to heel. Enter the notorious bounty hunter Tyrus Rechs. Rechs takes on the job as a favor to an old Savage Wars buddy.

. Only rechs isn’t out to kill the Dragon—his mission is to save the kid’s life. Unless the Dragon kills Rechs first.

Order of the Centurion Galaxy's Edge

Galaxy's Edge Press - A price paid in blood“the order of the centurion is the highest award that can be bestowed upon an individual serving in, or with, the Legion. Each book features the legendary heroes of the Legion who forgot nothing in their earning of the Legion's highest honor. The order of the centurion is an all-new series of stand-alone military science fiction thrillers set in the GALAXY'S EDGE universe, ranging from the Savage Wars to the arrival of the Black Fleet.

. Now they must navigate a hostile jungle teeming with murderous alien rebels, pushing themselves to the limits of their abilities, to get this vital intel to Legion Command--if they can survive that long. Inserted deep behind enemy lines, the strike force uncovers a surprise key to ending a bitter war. When such an individual displays exceptional valor in action against an enemy force, even unto death, and uncommon loyalty and devotion to the Legion and its legionnaires, mission, refusing to abandon post, or brothers, the Legion dutifully recognizes such courage with this award.

Order of the Centurion Galaxy's Edge - Tired of sitting out the war on psydon in a mobile office hab, Legion Lieutenant Washam agrees to undertake a covert and unsanctioned mission with a band of Republic Recon Marines.

Iron Wolves Order of the Centurion Book 2

Galaxy's Edge Press - War is on the wind, the battle is at hand, and the Legion is on the move once more. Or obey the cynical orders of their Senate to stand down and see how the dust settles. Taking their careers and lives into their hands, the Iron Wolves and local militia form a brotherhood determined to fight for what they believe in.

The iron wolves call and death is on the hunt. Aid a people pleading for their protection. When they are invited to be guests of honor at a ceremony on a small, backwater planet, they look forward to some precious time away from the constant conflicts of galaxy's edge. But when a neighboring country invades, disrupting the ceremony and killing innocents, the Wolves are forced to make an impossible decision.

Iron Wolves Order of the Centurion Book 2 - Strap on your bucket, grab your blaster, and start reading today. There can be no victory without sacrifice. The iron wolves are a company of legionnaires whose legendary exploits date back to the Savage Wars.

Prisoners of Darkness Galaxy's Edge Book 6

Galaxy's Edge Press - Following goth sullus's ruthless onslaughts against the Republic, deserving or not, a desperate House of Reason searches for scapegoats—and finds one, in Commander Ellek Owens. His sentence is cruel, unjust—and final. Unless victory Squad has anything to say about it. When chhun undertakes a daring raid on the prison planet Herbeer to rescue his commander, Wraith's loyalties are put to the test, as he's forced to choose between his responsibilities to the Legion… and his responsibilities to his captured crew.

Meanwhile, the soulless menace known as the cybar seeks to break Prisma Maydoon—and set the stage for the total annihilation of not only the Republic, in the Umnar system, but all life in the galaxy. The galaxy is spiraling into all-out war. The battle of Tarrago was just the beginning.

Retribution Galaxy's Edge Book 9

Galaxy's Edge Press - Victory is at hand. With the galaxy in tatters, chhun and Wraith lead Kill Team Victory and the remnants of the Legion in a clandestine final effort to bring about Article Nineteen. It's needed now more than ever as the republic's new emperor, grows increasingly enigmatic and tyrannical in his rule, Goth Sullus, leaving some to question their roles in bringing the mysterious leader of the Black Fleet to power.

Meanwhile, a dark traveler finds Prisma Maydoon at the sanctuary of Mother Ree, and bids her to depart from the path of the Ancients. Experience the exciting conclusion of galaxy's edge Season One, as a desperate, daring raid on Utopion itself leaves Kill Team Victory torn between duty to the Legion and the need to make those responsible for its demise finally pay!

Sword of the Legion Galaxy's Edge Book 5

Galaxy's Edge Press - But when the mission doesn’t go as planned, Chhun and Wraith must find a way to stop the Black Fleet’s advance—even if it costs them their lives. Meanwhile, an old friend from nether Ops executes a covert operation that will turn the focus of the Last War of the Republic in a terrible new direction.

Daring heroics, sacrifice, and courage come together as the Legion attempts to contain the fire sparked at the Battle of Tarrago. Choose your legacy. Captain chhun’s dark ops squad is reunited with Wraith, and they are entrusted with the task of denying Goth Sullus the shipyards he so eagerly desires.

Attack of Shadows Galaxy's Edge Book 4

Galaxy's Edge Press - All that stands in his way are the 7th Fleet and the Legion. The end of the Republic begins now. The galaxy ignites as Goth Sullus and his fleet unleash a devastating surprise assault on the Republic. But with allies hidden in the very heart of the Republic, Sullus looks to reshape the galaxy in his own image.

Fleets collide in a moment-by-moment account of tactics, heroism, sacrifice, and the start of the final war of the Republic. The stakes have never been higher—and it’s winner take all.