Pouring New Wine into Old Wineskins: How to Change a Church Without Destroying It

Baker Pub Group - Book by malphurs, Aubrey Used book in Good Condition.

Advanced Strategic Planning: A 21st-Century Model for Church and Ministry Leaders

Baker Books - Now in its third edition, this classic resource offers•a nine-step strategic thinking and acting model •useful ideas for developing a ministry strategy •diagrams to help illustrate concepts •a new section on spiritual formationThe methods in this book are proven to work, having already helped many churches articulate their vision and implement their mission.

Baker Books. First published in 1999, advanced Strategic Planning explains why planning is so important to carrying out the church's mission.

Feeding & Leading: PRactical Handbook on Administration in Churches and Christian Organizations

Baker Books - Baker Books. A practical handbook on administration in churches and Christian organizations.

Coaching Ministry Teams: Leadership and Management in Christian Organizations

Wipf & Stock Pub - After all, a team without a coach cannot win. From jethro's advice to moses all the way to Jesus's approach to discipleship, biblical leadership is viewed as a tool to be shared--a model of servanthood, mentoring, and the mutual interdependence of gifts. The question put to you as a pastor is this: are you a team player? even more to the point: Whose team are you building? "Too many church leaders, "have fallen into the trap of personal kingdom-building, " writes author Kenn Gangel, a focused concern on one's own and present ministry without a wider recognition of kingdom participation.

The net effect of this condition has led to narrow vision, stunted church growth, and frustrated relationships within the body of Christ. Along the way gangel explores the character attributes of successful biblical leadership--common things like humility, patience, and quiet dignity. In competitive sports we prize teamwork.

Coaching Ministry Teams: Leadership and Management in Christian Organizations - We know that a mature team will usually beat an astounding collection of individual players. The burden of creating such esprit de corps falls to the coach and the team of leaders he has assembled. From there he reveals how these qualities open an authentic leader up to the wide and thrilling possibilities of working hand-in-hand with others in the Lord's work.

The Emotionally Healthy Leader: How Transforming Your Inner Life Will Deeply Transform Your Church, Team, and the World

Zondervan - This book is more than a book you will read; it is a resource you will come back to over and over again. Do you feel too overwhelmed to enjoy life, building teams, yet not making an impact?  have you ever felt stuck, inner life with Christ, bestselling author Peter Scazzero shows leaders how to develop a deep, planning and decision making, creating healthy culture, examining its profound implications for surviving stress, powerless to change your environment?In The Emotionally Healthy Leader, unable to sort out the demands on your time? Are you doing your best work as a leader, influencing others, and much more.

Going beyond simply offering a quick fix or new technique, The Emotionally Healthy Leader gets to the core, beneath-the-surface issues of uniquely Christian leadership. Zondervan. Baker Books.

Leading Change, With a New Preface by the Author

Harvard Business Review Press 2724335791492 - By outlining the process every organization must go through to achieve its goals, and by identifying where and how even top performers derail during the change process, Kotter provides a practical resource for leaders and managers charged with making change initiatives work. It’s the rule. Now with a new preface, this refreshed edition of the global bestseller Leading Change is more relevant than ever.

John kotter’s now-legendary eight-step process for managing change with positive results has become the foundation for leaders and organizations across the globe. You’re sure to walk away inspired—and armed with the tools you need to inspire others. Harvard Business School Press. The international bestseller—now with a new preface by author John Kotter.

Leading Change, With a New Preface by the Author - Millions worldwide have read and embraced John Kotter’s ideas on change management and leadership. From the ill-fated dot-com bubble to unprecedented M&A activity to scandal, and ultimately, greed, recession—we’ve learned that widespread and difficult change is no longer the exception. Leading change is widely recognized as his seminal work and is an important precursor to his newer ideas on acceleration published in Harvard Business Review.

Needed more today than at any time in the past, this bestselling business book serves as both visionary guide and practical toolkit on how to approach the difficult yet crucial work of leading change in any type of organization. Zondervan.

Power of Vision

Baker Books - Baker Books. Harvard Business School Press. In this book, practical steps toward experiencing and carrying out God's unique vision for them, Barna uncovers how God has shared his vision throughout history, common practices and beliefs that inhibit true vision, how vision is different from mission, and ways to share and promote congregational ownership of the vision.

Zondervan. Ministry leaders with a clear picture from God of where they are headed are much more likely to experience a successful journey. It's essential for the most productive ministry that will accomplish God's goals for building his kingdom. According to george Barna, uncovering God's vision for your ministry is not an option.

Planting Growing Churches for the 21st Century: A Comprehensive Guide for New Churches and Those Desiring Renewal

Baker Books - Planting growing churches for the 21st Century is still virtually the only available text on church planting in North America and beyond. In this third edition, biblical change in our churches, updated appendixes, readers will find material on the importance of healthy, insight on our postmodern ministry context, and strategies for reaching new population demographics such as Generations X and Y.

Pastors, ministry leaders, and church planters will find the information and advice found in this book invaluable as they carry out their ministries. Zondervan. Baker Books. If the church is to thrive in the twenty-first century, it will have to take on a new form as it ministers to the 120 million unchurched people in the United States.

Planting Growing Churches for the 21st Century: A Comprehensive Guide for New Churches and Those Desiring Renewal - . Harvard Business School Press.

The Patient Ferment of the Early Church: The Improbable Rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire

Baker Academic - Baker Books. Zondervan. Harvard Business School Press. Baker Academic. How and why did the early church grow in the first four hundred years despite disincentives, and occasional persecution? In this unique historical study, harassment, veteran scholar Alan Kreider delivers the fruit of a lifetime of study as he tells the amazing story of the spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire.

Challenging traditional understandings, Kreider contends the church grew because the virtue of patience was of central importance in the life and witness of the early Christians. They wrote about patience, catechesis, not evangelism, and worship, and reflected on prayer, yet the church grew--not by specific strategies but by patient ferment.

Center Church: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City

Zondervan - It completely reshapes the content, tone and strategy of all that we do. Carson, research professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School Baker Books. At the same time, how we can - indeed, must - appreciate good things within it, he enables us to think through how we can responsibly interact with the culture, and how we can firmly and faithfully apply the gospel to it.

D. A. Today many pastors are struggling to adapt to a post-Christian culture without abandoning orthodox theology. How do we communicate the concepts of grace and substitutionary atonement in our globalized culture and context?In Center Church, Timothy Keller offers challenging insights and provocative questions based on over twenty years of ministry in New York City.

Center Church: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City - Baker Academic. Movement-centered: instead of building our own tribe, we seek the prosperity and peace of our community as we are led by the Holy Spirit. In this important book, Tim Keller unpacks the gospel and gently but firmly reminds us that it is nonnegotiable. City-centered: with a positive approach toward our culture, we learn to affirm that cities are wonderful, strategic and underserved places for gospel ministry.

Zondervan. Harvard Business School Press.

Values-Driven Leadership: Discovering and Developing Your Core Values for Ministry

Baker Books - What are the core values of your ministry?Values-Driven Leadership is a pioneering work designed to help church and parachurch leaders understand the cutting-edge concept of organizational core values. This edition includes - helpful discussion questions- Core values audits - A readiness-for-change inventory to help you and your ministry identify areas in need of attention - The latest research on values- New insights into the differences between values and beliefs.

This is a useful book for individuals, boards, committees, and leadership teams. Baker Academic. Every ministry organization has a set of core values that guides what the ministry seeks to accomplish. Baker Books. Zondervan. Zondervan. Harvard Business School Press. Understanding and implementing these core values is key to a high-performing ministry.

Values-Driven Leadership: Discovering and Developing Your Core Values for Ministry - In this revised edition, aubrey Malphurs offers important insights on new research in the field of leadership and delineates techniques for implementing those insights in practical ways. After exploring the concepts in values-Driven Leadership, you'll be able to take concrete steps to write your ministry's values in a credo or values statement and focus in on your mission.

Used book in Good Condition.