Startling Stereograms

Imagine - There’s something really magical about a stereogram; in fact, these stunning designs practically come alive with movement. And, of course, they are simply beautiful to see. Images that were flat gain amazing dimension. As they tease and surprise our brains, they teach us to look at things differently and make us aware of how our eyes play tricks on us.

Through the power of illusion and the illustrator’s skill, meaningless patterns and hidden objects on a 2-D page take shape and pop out in full, glorious, clearly defined 3-D. Imagine. These incredible, colorful, artistic creations offer unbelievable motion and depth.

Magic Eye Gallery: A Showing Of 88 Images

Andrews McMeel Publishing - Challenge family and friends to see who can view these 88 new eye-popping 3D images the fastest! This book is popular among many Magic Eye fans, and a waiting room favorite in offices and schools. This paperback treasury is perfect for the insatiable Magic Eye fan. This paperback treasury is perfect for the insatiable Magic Eye fan.

Andrews McMeel Publishing.

Magic Eye Beyond 3D: Improve Your Vision

Andrews McMeel Publishing - This book discusses some of the types of behavioral changes that my patients have reported as well as what possible physiological and psychological mechanisms may account for these changes. Dr. Clearly explained in lay terms and through the use of numerous magic eye illustrations, it identifies and demonstrates the many physical and performance-related enrichments that may result, the book not only helps readers "see" the images, including:* reduced computer eyestrain* diminished stress levels* improved overall vision* lengthened attention span Andrews McMeel Publishing.

Now beyond 3d: improve your Vision with Magic Eye takes this phenomenon to another level. Beyond 3d examines the medical benefits and scientific possibilities related to viewing these remarkable images. Marc grossmanwhen magic eye images hit the publishing world in the 1990s, the response was as magical as the 3D images popping from their colorful backgrounds.

Magic Eye Beyond 3D: Improve Your Vision - Train your eyes and your mind with this visionary, imaginative collection of Magic Eye illustrations that entertains you even as it can help improve your vision at the same time. I have seen incredible changes in people's overall behavior by viewing Magic Eye images, including vision improvement. Viewers couldn't get these best-selling books fast enough.

In fact, magic eye i, ii, and iii rode the new York Times best-seller list for 34 weeks and eventually sold more than 20 million copies.

Magic Eye: A New Way of Looking at the World

Andrews and McMeel Publishing - Family and friends will enjoy hours of entertainment while viewing the amazing 3D illustrations found in this #1 New York Times bestseller. Embedded within each image of magic eye: A New Way of Looking at the World is an enchanting 3D object or scene that materializes before the viewer's eyes. Andrews McMeel Publishing.

Simple viewing instructions and a solution key are included. Andrews McMeel Publishing.

Magic Eye 25th Anniversary Book

Andrews McMeel Publishing - Andrews McMeel Publishing. Andrews McMeel Publishing. New york times bestselling property! For twenty-five years, Magic Eye has fascinated children and adults alike worldwide with its amazing 3D images. New york times best-selling Magic Eye 3D optical illusions are back with all-new images. Through magic eye's patented 3d technology, viewers can find a full-color image on each page, with a smaller black-and-white image of the "hidden" scene in the back of the book to help solve each optical illusion.

Magic Eye III, Vol. 3 Visions A New Dimension in Art 3D Illustrations

Andrews McMeel Publishing - You will be astounded by the depth and clarity of the totally hidden image that develops like an instant photo. Andrews McMeel Publishing. Stare into these seemingly abstract fields of color no funny glasses required and an enchanting 3D image materializes. This collection of fun, engaging 3D illustrations is perfect for Magic Eye fans everywhere.

In bookstores and living rooms all over america--indeed, all over the world--people are scarcely believing what they see! Is it magic? No, it's Magic Eye 3D images! Magic Eye has left amazed and enthralled millions craving more. Andrews McMeel Publishing.

Magic Eye II: Now You See it

Andrews McMeel Publishing - The longer you look, the clearer the hidden 3D image will become. Andrews McMeel Publishing. You need to see it to believe it! Exercise your eyes and imagination with 29 new mind-bending 3D illusions. 2d illustrations will magically morph before your eyes to reveal what is secretly hidden in 3D. The further away you hold the page, the deeper it becomes! Andrews McMeel Publishing.

Magic Eye Inc. Optical illusions. The images will not simply appear to be 3D, they will become 3D! Viewing instructions and a solution key are included.

Super Stereogram

Cadence Books - Magic Eye Inc. Optical illusions. Andrews McMeel Publishing. Presents a collection of pictures that allow readers to experience three-dimensional images in a new way and includes stereo pairs based on famous paintings Andrews McMeel Publishing.

The Ultimate Book of Optical Illusions

Sterling - Some of the mind-boggling images seem to spring into action, pulsing, vibrating, and spinning like a hula hoop. Prepare to be amazed! inside the covers of this incredible, colorful collection are hundreds of the world’s most powerful optical illusions. Andrews McMeel Publishing. Other ambiguous illusions feature two subjects in one: the fun is in finding them both in the single picture—including a mouse playing hide and seek in a cat’s face and a strange desert mirage where palm trees imperceptibly morph into camels.

Sterling Publishing NY. Magic Eye Inc. Optical illusions. They’re beautiful to behold, and stunning in their trickery. Andrews McMeel Publishing. Every one is astonishing. And still more, like “the impossible terrace, ” which couldn’t exist off the page: just try to figure out if you’re viewing the space from above or below.

3-D Planet: The World As Seen Through Stereograms

Cadence Books - Andrews McMeel Publishing. 50, 000 first printing. Magic Eye Inc. Optical illusions. Combining computer graphics technology with beautiful natural landscapes, depth, clarity, stereograms allow viewers to experience realism, and perspective through a pattern of dots and color fields that cause three-dimensional shapes to leap from the page.

Sterling Publishing NY. Andrews McMeel Publishing. Ip. Used book in Good Condition.

Magic Eye: 3D Hidden Treasures

Andrews McMeel - Magic Eye Inc. Optical illusions. Unknown binding publisher: andrews mcmeel 2004 isbn-10: 0740747916 iSBN-13: 978-0740747915 Product Dimensions: 11. 2 x 8. 5 x 08 inches shipping Weight: 2 pounds Andrews McMeel Publishing. Andrews McMeel Publishing. Used book in Good Condition. Sterling Publishing NY.