The Real Story of Stone Soup

Dutton Books for Young Readers FBA-|299259 - We can make stone soup. The boys dig a hole and fill it with water and “flavored” stones. By the time the old man returns, they have a feast fit for a king. While he’s busy, they stir in bird eggs, add wild vegetables, and slip fish into the soup. Don’t worry, ” they say. A stingy fisherman always makes his three young helpers do all his work.

They trick the fisherman into making bowls and chopsticks, and fetching salt and sesame oil. To this day, “egg drop stone Soup” is a traditional dish in southeast China. One day he scolds the “lazy boys” for forgetting to provide lunch. A recipe is included.

Cactus Soup

Two Lions - He asks for a cactus thorn to make some cactus soup, and before long he has tricked the townspeople into giving him salt and chilies, vegetables, and a chicken as well! Whimsical watercolors by Phil Huling add to the humor in this southwestern twist on the classic Stone Soup tale. The spanish edition of our Mexican-flavored Stone Soup story, Cactus Soup.

When a group of hungry soldiers ride into San Miguel, the townspeople don’t want to share their food. But the capitán is not fooled. They hide their tortillas, tamales, beans, and flour and put on torn clothes to look poor.

Stone Soup

August House - As they sit to rest beside a well, one of the travelers observes that if the townspeople have no food to share, they must be "in greater need than we are. With that, the travelers demonstrate their special recipe for a magical soup, using a stone as a starter. In this cumulative retelling of an ancient and widely circulated legend, author Heather Forest shows us that when each person makes a small contribution, “the collective impact can be huge.

Susan gaber's paintings portray the optimism and timelessness of a story that celebrates teamwork and generosity. This story about community teaches readers the importance of sharing, generosity and vegetables!August House Publishers offer an animated version of Stone Soup as well as free lesson plans! August House Publishers.

Stone Soup - All they need is a carrot, which a young girl volunteers. To their surprise, villager after villager refuses to share, each one closing the door with a bang. Not to be outdone, celery, another villager contributes a potato, and the soup grows as others bring corn, and other vegetables and seasonings. Winner of parents' choice award & bank street college: best Children's Books of the Year Two hungry travelers arrive at a village expecting to find a household that will share a bit of food, as has been the custom along their journey.

Stone Soup

Scholastic Inc. - A clever young man tricks an old woman into believing that soup can be made from a stone. As the pot of water boils with the stone in it, he urges her to add more and more ingredients until the soup is a feast "fit for a king. In print for 30 years. Great product! August House Publishers.

Stone Soup Aladdin Picture Books

Aladdin - Clever soldiers outwit greedy townspeople with the creation of a special soup in this cherished classic, a Caldecott Honor book. First published in 1947, this picture book classic has remained one of Marcia Brown's most popular and enduring books. Aladdin. This story, about three hungry soldiers who outwit the greedy inhabitants of a village into providing them with a feast, is based on an old French tale.

Great product! August House Publishers.

Stone Soup Flip-Up Fairy Tales

Childs Play Intl Ltd - Great product! . Presents the tale of a band of travelers who arrive in a village and begin cooking soup with water and a stone, and when everyone makes a contribution to the pot the town enjoys a feast, in a book with pictures hidden beneath the flaps. August House Publishers. Aladdin.

Stone Soup: A Traditional Tale from Sweden

RIGBY - Great product! Aladdin. August House Publishers.

Kallaloo! A Caribbean Tale

Little bell Caribbean - All it needs is a master soup-maker, like Granny, to stir the pot - and a little help from the folks in Market Square. Great product! Aladdin. Who wouldn t be willing to lend a hand to cook up some kallaloo, a soup famous from Jamaica to Trinidad? But there's one final ingredient missing and even the magic shell forgot to mention it! August House Publishers.

Can a shell really make soup? It might, if it s a brown-and-white West Indian shell, fresh from the sea.

Stone Soup

Scholastic Press - Intrigued by the idea, everyone brings what they have until-- together, Muth takes a simple, they have made a feast fit for a king! In this inspiring story about the strength people possess when they work together, beloved tale and adds his own fresh twist. Scholastic Press. Aladdin. Three strangers, hungry and tired, pass through a war-torn village.

Embittered and suspicious from the war, the people hide their food and close their windows tight. Great product! August House Publishers. That is, until the clever strangers suggest making a soup from stones.

Bone Button Borscht

Kids Can Press - In this retelling of the classic folk tale "Stone Soup, " a stranger teaches the poor villagers what can be accomplished with a few buttons and a little cooperation. Great product! Aladdin. August House Publishers. Scholastic Press. On a dark winter's night, a ragged beggar dreams of a warm hearth and a delicious meal -- and sets out to find just that.

Fandango Stew

Sterling Children's Books - David davis's deliciously colorful language and Ben Galbraith's delightful illustrations make this picture book a tasty confection. August House Publishers. Scholastic Press. Aladdin. Great product! Chili's good, but nothing's finer than fandango stew!   no money? no problem! in this sunny, funny western-style take on the famous folktale “Stone Soup, so is barbecue, ” two penniless but wily vaqueros cowboys trick a whole town into cooking a giant pot of stew for everyone to share.