Whitetails: A Photographic Journey Through the Seasons

Krause Publications - This groundbreaking look at deer behavior is packed with research that will enhance your hunting and wildlife viewing experience. Whitetails: a photographic journey through the Seasons chronicles the life of six white-tailed deer, sharing a journey through the seasons from the viewpoint of the deer, vividly illustrating both behavior and the deer's perspective.

More than 200 stunning, full-color photos portray the life of the whitetail in intimate detail. Chapters read like "a day in the life of, " providing a rare glimpse at the behaviors of deer. Explains reproduction, courtship and mating, including the rut and behaviors leading up to it. Covers bucks, does and fawns for an entire year cycle.

Whitetails: A Photographic Journey Through the Seasons - Special chapter covers antler growth. Time-lapse images, taken between April and October, depict a buck as it grows a full rack of antlers. Used book in Good Condition.

Strategies for Whitetails

Krause Publications - Whether you're working on your first deer or your fiftieth, Strategies for Whitetails is a must-have guide. A landmark book from the master whitetail hunter! In one monumental volume, Charlie Alsheimer, the acknowledged master of white-tail deer hunting, shares a lifetime of experience about the animal he knows and loves so well.

. Brilliantly illustrated with the author's award-winning photography, Strategies for Whitetails explains not only how to harvest bragging-rights bucks, but how to cultivate land sensibly to produce a trophy herd.

Whitetail Rites of Autumn

Krause Publications - Used book in Good Condition. It is a masterfully crafted book that provides those who long for the time when leaves turn color and drop, scrapes and rubs appear old logging roads, and honking geese fill the sky a much-appreciated reprieve from the long off-season. You will be entertained and informed as you walk through three seasons with Alsheimer and his whitetail subjects only to arrive at the grandest season of all - autumn.

For those of you discovering Alsheimer for the first time, be prepared to enter the world of the whitetail in a way previously unimaginable. Whitetail rites of autumn contains page after page of incredible photography and Alsheimer's personal insights into every aspect of the whitetail's life. No other season showcases the grandeur of America's favorite big-game animal more than autumn.

Whitetail Rites of Autumn - Alsheimer don't have to be told of his extraordinary photography, captivating commentary, and extensive knowledge of whitetail behavior. A focused look at the whitetail in Nature's Grandest SeasonWhitetail enthusiasts familiar with the work of Charles J. And the nearly 200 color photos and Alsheimer's insight found in this book clearly shows why.

When the leaves turn crimson and the first frost of the year makes it appearance, the excitement of the season becomes nearly unbearable for both whitetail bucks and those who pursue them.

Whitetail: Behavior Through the Seasons

Krause Pubns Inc - Used book in Good Condition. Nature lovers and hunters will love this stunning book. Used book in Good Condition. His in-the-field observations will help hunters better understand all aspects of the whitetail deer, from breeding to bedding. More than 160 striking action shots by an award-winning photographer and author reveal a rarely seen side of North America's most impressive game animal.

Quality Deer Management: The Basics and Beyond

Krause Publications - You'll learn about foot plots, hunting strategies, buck age structure, nutritional requirements and proper adult-doe-to-antlered-buck ratios. More than 150 of alsheimer's photographs illustrate his QDM experience. Since then, he's experimented with his property and made it a whitetail paradise. But if you're ready for the challenge, or just want to learn more about this popular management program, this book is for you.

. Join alsheimer for a class in QDM basics. If your dream is to have better deer hunting on your property, then QDM is the answer. Quality deer management began in the Texas brush country, but it has quickly spread across the nation to become one of the hottest topics in the whitetail world. Outdoor writer and photographer Charles Alsheimer embraced the QDM concept in the 1980ss.

Quality Deer Management: The Basics and Beyond - Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Look at the impressive deer alsheimer killed on his farm, travel with him to commercial QDM outfitters, and learn more about the behavior of white-tailed deer through the seasons. Alsheimer is the first to admit there are no quick fixes for implementing a long-term QDM program.

Used book in Good Condition. In other words, it's more than dropping a handful of clover seeds in a food plot.

Hunting Whitetails by the Moon

Krause Pubns Inc - Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Whitetail expert Charles J. Alsheimer supplements his insight into the mysteries of the moon's influences with more than 100 photos and illustrations to teach hunters how to succeed. Used book in Good Condition. Alsheimer explains how deer hunters can use autumn moon cycles to predict peak times to hunt rutting white-tailed bucks.

Whitetail: The Ultimate Challenge

Krause Publications - Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Find insights on where and how to hunt whitetails across North America. Here's the key to unlocking deer hunting's most intriguing secrets. Plus, charlie Alsheimer helps readers become better outdoor photographers.